CNC Machining:
In environments where machines run at high speeds using air to operate spindles, blow off parts or change tools heads, and where automated processes are essential to maintain easy production flow-you need a supply of clean and dry air to maximize your process uptime. Our Aerius compressors offer long service interval times and come with an integrated dryer to minimize the compressor's fooprint-ideal in places where continous-duty* operation is required.

*S1 continuous duty motors standard on 11kW and above


Metal Forming:
Productivity increases dramatically when devices like positioners, clamps, air chucks, presses, air knives are powered by compressed air, rather than electricity.

Choosing air-driven, pneumatic presses offering low weight-to-power ratios in your industrial production facilities allows you to run your processes longer without overheating and with low maintenance costs.

Aerius compressors are the right choice if you are looking for simple maintenance and easy-to-use machines able to withstand continuous*, intense usage.

*S1 continuous duty motors standard on 11kW and above


Car Servicing:
Are air tools and spray guns part of your automotive workshop?

Do you also use air impact wrenches, air chisels, air drills or blow guns? For these tools and others helping you perform your everyday duties, you need a  single, compact compressor suitable for all of your workshop activities.

Humidity is a major issue for  tools and paint booths in many workshops; that is why you need and clean air for all of your operations. If you also face space limitations and are concerned about noise levels and footprint, our tank-mounted Aerius compressors with integrated dryers are your best choice.

Aerius is ideal for small to mid-sized shops and can serve your needs whether you require light or continous use. Simple base-mounted units or machines with integrated receivers and dryers save you space and reduce noise levels.


Plastic Forming:
The plastic indusry relies on compressed air throughout manfacturing process for pneumatic controls and actuators, forming machines, cutting equipment, adhesive stations and conveying machines among other uses.

The more your process is automated, you likely have more applications requiring clean, dry air.

Aerius compressors with integrated dryers provide an ideal solution for all of your automoted processes mimizing downtime and ensuring continuous performance.


The printing industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors where compressed air is used to ensure production is reliable and cost efficient.

Most of the printing activities peak during a specific interval in the day, when the air system is heavily loaded. Nevertheless, your idle machines might still require some air during off peak hours. Therefore, careful sizing of the machine is key.

The Aerius range of compressors is designed to make your daily operations more efficient. Whether you need a small machine for intermittent use or a heavy-duty solution for continuous loads, Aerius compressors provide a simple operation. Integrated receivers of 272 or 500 will further help you in overcoming the peak demands and save valuable floor space.


Metal Casting

Compressed air is used in large production units of any foundry due to its cost efficiency and its safety aspect, which are fundamental to this industry.

Reliable and continous air is essential to ensure maximum uptime-critical in your production process. Aerius compressors with continuous-duty* motors ensure there is no unexpected downtime in your process, and the compact footprint saves you space.

*S1 continuous duty motors standard on 11kW and above